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17 November 2023 is a platform that aims to make tokenisation accessible to a wider audience, beyond crypto enthusiasts. Recognising the general public's limited understanding of this concept, strives to simplify investing in things that truly matter.

London-based creative company 20(SOMETHING) collaborated with the token team to build a brand from scratch that brings the founders’ mission to life, encompassing everything from strategy to design, all while serving as a central hub for the latest token projects, making them easily accessible to those beyond the Web3 niche.






Creative Director

Will Thacker

Senior Account Manager

Bronwyn Schnurr


Fran Docx


The token economy is on the verge of expanding, offering anyone the potential to tokenise assets. The concept however remains within niche circles and has yet to gain traction in the mainstream due to a lack of general understanding. seeks to bridge this gap by simplifying the tokenisation process and prioritising ease of use in the platform's design, akin to a Tinder-like experience, as opposed to the intimidating trading platforms typical in the crypto world.

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The platform encourages users to invest with intention, encapsulated in the slogan "Invest With Intent."; an approach that reframes crypto-investing, shifting from a gamble to a values-led investment in projects and ideas that matter.

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In terms of design, departs from conventional crypto aesthetics. 20(SOMETHING) avoided the numerical and graphical complexities associated with Web3, opting instead for a softer and more inviting visual style, characterised by soft colours and human faces. Drawing inspiration from the 1960s space race era, particularly the expressive hand-drawn letterforms found on vintage sci-fi book covers, they selected Rutherford Craze's MD Nichrome typeface as a modern interpretation of this style.

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Character & Illustration

To complement this distinctive typography, introducing a logo character named Ken was instrumental in guiding visitors through tokenisation, fostering a sense of familiarity and trust. This design approach was further enriched with a collection of vibrant illustrations by Bertrand Aznar, creating a visual narrative that strikes a balance between being relatable and aspirational while eliminating the intimidating mystique often linked to the world of crypto.

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Digital Design

To translate the brand into an app and web experience, 20(SOMETHING) partnered with ON, centering the core of their user experience design philosophy on "Intent." Their goal was to streamline the learning process and prioritise quick and easy comprehension, empowering users to make well-informed decisions effortlessly.

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20(SOMETHING) is a strategy, design, and communications company set up to grow with the changing world. A world of new ideas from a new generation: navigating the new internet, questioning convention, and reimagining culture. They explore those without partners, helping solve problems and guiding them towards today's most exciting opportunities.

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