smlXL: Motion

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16 January 2024

smlXL is a technology start-up dedicated to enhancing transparency, utility, and accessibility in public computing within the blockchain space.

New York and Chamonix-based branding and graphic design studio DIA developed a generative design system inspired by the name smlXL, and crafted a dynamic visual language that encapsulates the essence of the technology start-up.






Managing Director

Meg Donohoe

Creative Director

Mitchell Paone

Art Director

Daniel Wenzel

smlXL: Billboard
smlXL: Screen

The name "smlXL" sparked exciting visual concepts, allowing DIA to depict scale, exponential growth, and momentum playfully, using only the five characters – smlXL. Starting with a motion behaviour, the studio crafted a custom tool to ensure efficiency, consistency, and control. The tool empowers capabilities such as importing images, video, and live cameras, providing flexibility in exporting a variety of formats suitable for both digital and print applications.

smlXL: Motion
smlXL: Motion
smlXL: Website
smlXL: Tool
smlXL: Tool
smlXL: Signage


DIA is a branding and graphic design studio specialising in kinetic identities and typographic systems. With headquarters in NYC and Chamonix, France, the studio has developed a new approach to designing identity systems where motion is foundational, and creative tools always accompany brand guidelines. The generative tools and autonomous design systems employed by DIA empower internal teams and simplify oversight.

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