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22 December 2023

The Biennale Internationale de Design Graphique is a four-month festival celebrating graphic design, offering visitors opportunities to engage in workshops, talks, and roundtables at various locations across Chaumont, France. Organised by Le Signe, the National Center of Graphic Design of France, the event serves as a platform for reflection on the theme "Viral" in its 2021 edition.

New York and Chamonix-based branding and graphic design studio DIA was commissioned by the Le Signe team to create the identity system for the biennale. The "Viral" theme encourages visitors to contemplate the diffusion of images, videos, or information, exploring diverse interpretations of the subject.


Le Signe - Centre National du Graphisme




Managing Director

Meg Donohoe

Creative Director

Mitchell Paone

Art Director

Daniel Wenzel

Typefaces in Use

Chaumont Biennale: Screens
Chaumont Biennale: Poster
Chaumont Biennale: Poster
Chaumont Biennale: Poster close-up
Chaumont Biennale: Posters
Chaumont Biennale: Posters close-up
Chaumont Biennale: Motion
Chaumont Biennale: Poster

The event aims to make graphic design more accessible by bringing professionals, enthusiasts, and students together. To facilitate discussions, share ideas, and transmit knowledge about graphic creation, workshops, talks, and roundtables are organised across Chaumont.

In illustrating the theme of "Viral" in design, DIA relinquished manual control and employed a custom tool to generate the unexpected, utilising memes and the kinetic type to convey a sense of virality. The use of technology enables the curation and selection of iterations that would be challenging to produce through human craftsmanship.

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Chaumont Biennale: Spread
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Chaumont Biennale: Programme sheet
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DIA is a branding and graphic design studio specialising in kinetic identities and typographic systems. With headquarters in NYC and Chamonix, France, the studio has developed a new approach to designing identity systems where motion is foundational, and creative tools always accompany brand guidelines. The generative tools and autonomous design systems employed by DIA empower internal teams and simplify oversight.

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