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27 December 2023

GOGO, a fast-food and convenience store brand created by the Beijing Subway, was launched in July 2021 to provide quick and convenient meal options. Through mobile orders and strategically positioned in-store pickups between train stops during a workday, GOGO aims to cater to the fast-paced lifestyle of commuters.

Toronto and Beijing-based branding and graphic design studio Meat Studio developed the brand identity and packaging design. Inspired by the daily commute experiences of Beijingers, the graphics resemble pick-up items, or "buffs," from video games. They offer a playful respite to commuters immersed in the hustle of hyper-city life.


Beijing Subway




Meat Studio

Creative Director

Ronald Tau

Project Manager

Rebecca Shao

Typefaces in Use

HanYi QiHei by Han Yi Foundry
GOGO: Icon grid system
GOGO: Paper bags
GOGO: Packaging close-up

Utilising an 8x8 pixel grid, Meat Studio represented GOGO’s food offerings as video game-themed buffs, offering a playful nod with high-fives to everyone navigating their daily commute. The pixelated icons, with their unrealistically chunky charm, evoke a sense of nostalgia and humour.

Meat Studio's design extends to the GOGO wordmark, where "cut corners" at the joints of both Latin and Chinese type introduce a distinctive element. The pixelated iconography and typographic approach convey gogo’s streamlined online ordering and in-store pickup options. Drawing inspiration from the 8-bit era of gaming, the colour scheme maximises saturation, embracing the digital aesthetic while maintaining a warm and friendly feel.

GOGO: Packaging
GOGO: Packaging
GOGO: Packaging
GOGO: Packaging
GOGO: Packaging
GOGO: Packaging
GOGO: Stickers
GOGO: Packaging

Meat Studio

Meat Studio is an international design studio based between Toronto and Beijing, with a focus on creating meaningful visual identities that bridge cultures and people.

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