CUBIC3: Collaterals

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18 May 2023

Established in 2021, CUBIC3 is a specialty coffee chain in Shanghai that offers high-quality coffee beverages at a fair price. Its coffee shops are strategically located in communities and business areas, providing a convenient option for coffee drinkers. With a focus on coffee quality, CUBIC3 specialises in classic coffee blends, setting itself apart from other coffee brands.

Shanghai-based design studio low key Design Company worked on CUBIC3’s visual identity and packaging design.





low key Design Company

Creative Director

Jieru Chen

Graphic Designer

Jieru Chen

Zhixuan Chen


CUBIC3 is a specialty coffee brand that aims to be accessible to all, exploring the trend of specialty coffee in everyday life. The (m)3 logo symbolises the gathering of individuals to form a larger group, with the message that "smallness gathers to highlight the power of masses". This concept of inclusivity and collectivism is reflected in the fusion of multiple individuals represented by the logo. 

CUBIC3: Collaterals
CUBIC3: Packaging

The design of the brand's coffee bean packaging reflects the logo’s concept, which is shaped as a small cube to embody the notion that "smallness gathers to highlight the power of masses".

CUBIC3: Packing box
CUBIC3: Reusable cup
CUBIC3: Wayfinding signages
CUBIC3: Drip coffee packaging
CUBIC3: Reusable cup

low key Design Company

low key Design Company is an independent design studio based in Shanghai, specialising in graphic design that helps brands build connections with their audience.

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