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26 June 2023

Ami Ami is a California-based company that offers French wine in a box, founded by 2 friends with extensive experience in wine-making, distributing, and wine enjoyment. Their unique concept of wine without glass bottles reduces the carbon impact by 50%, making it easy to do a little bit of good while enjoying a glass of wine.

Montréal and Los Angeles-based creative boutique Wedge was responsible for creating the brand identity and packaging design, bringing to life the spirited universe of Ami Ami. The brand universe is characterised by a charming world of wine without rules, where all are welcome.


Ami Ami




Design Director

Justin Lortie

Creative Director

Sarah Di Domenico

Lead Designer

Ariane Leblanc

Typefaces in Use

Imprint by Monotype
Ami Ami: Packaging
Ami Ami: Matchsticks packaging
Ami Ami: Social assets
Identity Design

Wedge designed a custom logomark featuring ‘cups’ mimicked as a pattern on the box to indicate the number of glasses of wine it holds. The creative boutique also created a custom typeface called "Ami Ami Vin", which was inspired by the inky black printed text on vintage French crates. They also worked with long-time collaborator and Montreal-based illustrator Mathieu Dionne to create illustrations that capture the friendly spirit of the brand, drawing inspiration from Italian futurist artist Fortunato Depero who was known for his classic Campari advertising in the 1920s and 30s. In addition, Wedge collaborated with London-based fashion photographer Wil Arcand to infuse the brand's imagery with richness and warmth.

Ami Ami: Brand imagery
Ami Ami: Packing boxes
Ami Ami: Brand imagery
Ami Ami: Logo

For Ami Ami’s packaging, Wedge designed a custom box format that is easy to carry and convenient enough to be stacked on the countertop. The bold aesthetic combined with soft colours creates an object designed to live with you wherever you want – whether it’s in your fridge, on the dinner table, or even at a campsite.

Ami Ami: Packaging
Ami Ami: Packaging
Ami Ami: Character design
Ami Ami: Pattern
Ami Ami: WIne box graphics
Ami Ami: Social assets


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