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31 January 2023

UNTO (meaning greasy or oily in Tuscan slang) is a small Italian organic olive oil brand and producer with a local, ecological focus. On a mission to revitalise ancient abandoned fields in rural Tuscany, the brand targets a young, mid- to high-end food conscious audience. UNTO aims to establish a reputation through specialised shops, delis, and restaurants in London, while also selling directly to consumers internationally through a web shop and social media.

London-based graphic design practice Studio Bergini worked with UNTO to develop its visual identity and packaging.


Unto Toscano



Studio Bergini

Senior Designer

Kristian Hjorth Berge

Francesco Corsini

Junior Designer

Alice Bertazzi


UNTO was seeking a bold identity to launch their brand and gain traction. The goal was to create an identity that would be equally eye-catching and recognisable on the shop shelf as well as on Instagram. This would reflect the company's unique, hands-on approach.

UNTO: Packaging label
UNTO: Website
Graphic Elements

As the brand and product launched simultaneously on a small budget, the studio devised a set of graphic elements applicable to all platforms and surfaces – a kit of bold, impactful parts comprising the wordmark, story graphic, and an illustration of two olives doubling as eyes.

Crude typography based on metal type was used together with overprinting spot colours to create the right atmosphere.

UNTO: Packaging label
UNTO: Packaging bottle

The kit-of-parts approach helped establish brand recognition from the start, with the bottle as the main identity application, as well as a website and Instagram presence.

The Western-inspired spaghetti aesthetic playfully reflects the brand's rural focus, and the honest, thoughtful use of materials and print (two-colour offset and screen print) create an honest, tactile, standout product in the category, with its oversized olive-eyes peeking out from the shelves.


In an effort to generate unique campaign and advertising imagery, Studio Bergini supplied the UNTO harvesting team with disposable cameras. These cameras have been used enthusiastically by the team, providing the audience with a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the business through images with a desirable low-fidelity film quality.

To add onto their touchpoints, small ‘zines’ are produced occasionally with these images as a free supplement with online orders.

UNTO: Zine
UNTO: Zine
UNTO: Social
UNTO: Label production
UNTO: Label work-in-progress

Studio Bergini

Founded in 2015, Studio Bergini is a London-based graphic design practice that specialises in creating typography-driven branding, packaging, campaigns, exhibition designs, and websites for a wide range of clients. The studio values the physicality of design in the digital age, and works to incorporate tactility and the added dimension of materials and print technology into every project.

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