Truffle Man: Packaging

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21 July 2023

For over 20 years, Trevor Sherard (better known as the Truffle Man) has captivated the residents of San Francisco with his cannabis-infused chocolate truffles, establishing the city's longest-running pop-up. Within San Francisco, he has become a legendary figure known for his obsession with geometry, engineering, magic and storytelling. Trevor has crafted displays, utensils, machinery, costumes and spaces, constructing an entire artful world around his creations. With the legalisation of cannabis and obtaining a manufacturing licence in Oakland along with the necessary backing, the Truffle Man experience was ready to be evolved from a one-man-band to a full-fledged consumer brand.

Ho Chi Minh City-based creative studio rice tasked with transforming Trevor's artful and imaginative story into an accessible and popular brand that could transcend the boundaries of Dolores Park in San Francisco. The envisioned future includes the establishment of retail outlets and curating experiences that revolve around the wildly inventive chocolate truffles infused with narratives.


Truffle Man




Creative Director

Joshua Breidenbach

Chí-An Benjamin De Leo

Production Director

Anna Đinh

Truffle Man: Packaging
Truffle Man: Packaging
Truffle Man: Packaging

The packaging solution for the Truffle Man's chocolate "treasures", developed by rice, draws inspiration from the world of the Truffle Man himself. Through the interplay of different sizes and individual boxes, a multitude of structures and patterns can be created. These boxes serve a dual purpose as both packaging and building blocks for displays, inviting buyers to engage in play and offering them a second life as personal treasure keepers.

Throughout Trevor's years of personally handing out his chocolates to customers, he had always envisioned sharing this experience with the wider world. The new packaging design fosters a sense of connection, with the interplay of various box sizes creating visually enticing and irresistible structures and patterns, enticing individuals to indulge in the limitless possibilities at their fingertips.

The Truffle Man also introduced another product range named "truffies," which is presented as a series featuring abstract images captured by photographer Damien Maloney. The Truffle Man brand, acting as a unifying platform, embraces the infusion of art and artists into a world of possibilities while maintaining its recognisable identity. At its core, the Truffle Man brand is all about the pursuit of inspiration and discovery.

Truffle Man: Packaging
Truffle Man: Video
Truffle Man: Packaging
Truffle Man: Packaging close-up
Truffle Man: Trevor Sherard


Founded in 2011, rice is an award-winning creative studio based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With an ethos that embraces the belief that anything is possible, the studio helps to propel brands, places and people into opportunities for future growth and success through purposeful design.

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