TheDropStore: Packaging

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19 July 2023

TheDropStore, launched during the UN 2023 Water Conference as "a market for a world in water crisis", aims to raise awareness about water scarcity and its impact on all aspects of life.

Reykjavík and São Paulo-based multidisciplinary design studio PLANT was commissioned by Publicis Groupe Benelux to develop the identity and packaging design for TheDropStore. The goal was to evoke a feeling of plausible futurism, while steering clear of any dystopian or excessively clinical depictions.


UN 2023 Water Conference




Design Director

Bruno Oppido

Creative Director

João Linneu


Bruno Oppido

Typefaces in Use

Neue Haas Unica
TheDropStore: Packaging

With the brand name, icon, and potential product ideas already established by Publicis, PLANT focused on developing a central concept that revolved around the projected consequences of the impending water crisis on consumer goods in the near future.

Throughout the project, PLANT's creative journey was guided by two fundamental principles: "transparency" and "complete understanding". These principles resonated with the belief that conscientious consumers will increasingly demand access to comprehensive information in the coming years. Examining the evolution of product packaging over time, the studio observed a growing trend towards providing intricate details. Drawing inspiration from this observation, the packaging structure was crafted to effectively convey the essence of each product. The focus of PLANT's design approach was twofold: clear communication of the product itself while highlighting specific challenges such as size, cost and adaptability. To reinforce the intended message, compelling awareness messages were incorporated, supported by factual evidence and persuasive arguments. The objective was to create a multi-layered narrative that instilled a sense of complexity and anticipation for the future.

TheDropStore: Video

PLANT opted for Neue Haas Unica as the typography for TheDropStore, setting itself apart from Helvetica to maintain a contemporary appeal while avoiding any dated connotations. The goal was to create a design devoid of gimmicky elements that could undermine the overall appeal of the communication.

TheDropStore: Brand graphics

“From a simple spark, the concept for TheDropStore emerged. It all began with an observation of how package labels have evolved over time, specifically focusing on the nutritional facts table. What started as a concise statement like 'contains corn' gradually transformed into a comprehensive depiction of a product's atomic composition, allergens and disclaimers. In just a few years, a mere line of text expanded to encompass the entire back panel of a package. This observation sparked a question in our minds: How will this intricate web of information appear 50 years from now? This curiosity ignited our creative journey, shaping the visionary concept behind TheDropStore.”

Bruno Oppido

Design Director & Designer, PLANT

TheDropStore: Toilet paper

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