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24 May 2023

Terminal is an all-in-one luxury boutique, Japanese coffee house, gallery, and creative community based in Los Angeles.

New York and Los Angeles-based digital design and experience studio CTHDRL created a new visual identity for Terminal, and developed their first fully Web3-enabled fashion and culture e-commerce platform.







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Founders Mason Rothschild and Ericka del Rosario approached CTHDRL with a vision to channel their energy into a visual identity and digital presence that would align with the future direction of their boutique. In a world where digital assets are at the centre of collecting and transacting, they wanted to create a platform and community ecosystem that would bring together lifestyle brands, creatives, musicians, and artists all in one place.

Terminal: Layout
Terminal: Layout

CTHDRL set out to create a strong yet elegant system that exudes a global confidence, resonating across all aspects of Terminal's ecosystem, spanning from e-commerce to real-world parties, and the ever-evolving realm of Web3. The underlying concept was to create a brand system that serves as a ‘presentation stage’ for the content, art, brands, drops, and experiences curated by Terminal. Similar to the blank walls of an art gallery, the minimal frames create a backdrop that allows each brand’s subject to shine and for the kinetic layouts to reflect their personality.

Terminal: Grid
Terminal: Posters

CTHDRL drew inspiration from airport terminal signages to create a logo that reflects the unique personality of Terminal. The resulting mark, aptly named "star people", serves as an identifier for Terminal's global ecosystem. This mark pays homage to the diverse network of creators and artists that form the community of Terminal, while adding a human-like quality that balances out the structural nature of the rest of the system. Despite the neutral palette of the system, the "star people" mark injects personality and character into the overall design.

Terminal: Logo
Terminal: Store front
Terminal: Billboard
Colour & Typeface

When it came to selecting supporting elements like the colour palette and typography, CTHDRL employed a similar strategy. The brand utilised a neutral scheme and the typeface Syndicat Grotesk, allowing its curated content to take the spotlight.

Terminal: Social assets
Terminal: Billboard

CTHDRL approached the redesign of Terminal's website as a community hub, prioritising the brand's lifestyle over a retail approach. The homepage was designed to bring the ‘presentation stage’ concept to life, featuring an interactive cultural news feed that allows users to navigate videos, livestreams and more by simply hovering over the content. This stage concept also influenced the structure of the interior pages, where products, events, and editorial articles were showcased. The use of independent free-scrolling columns throughout the site further enhanced the hub-like navigation experience, enabling users to quickly find what they are looking for – whether it's shopping, reading editorial archives, or RSVP-ing for events.

As pioneers in the emerging culture of Web3, CTHDRL crafted a first-of-its-kind e-commerce experience that seamlessly integrates with Web3 technology. Users can securely sign in or sign up by connecting their Ethereum wallet to the site, allowing them to manage their account, check their orders, sign up for events, and gain access to exclusive content.

Terminal: Website
Terminal: Website
Terminal: Website


CTHDRL is a design and experience studio that navigates the ever-changing cultural currents of the digital world. With a focus on the intersection of community, culture, and commerce, CTHDRL creates experiences that push boundaries while striving to make the internet fun again.

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