Romantic Route 3: Outdoor posters

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12 September 2023

The Romantic Route 3 Art Festival is Taiwan's largest-scale land art festival. Spanning along Provincial Highway 3, the festival encompasses a 65-day, 150-kilometre-long artistic journey. Focusing on Hakka culture, it showcases diverse Hakka towns through modern art projects, design, and food, and offers a reimagined perspective on their culture while preserving its essence.

Taipei-based creative design company Bito collaborated with the Romantic Route 3 Art Festival to craft an eye-catching and comprehensive visual identity for its 2023 event. The identity spans various aspects, including visual identity, posters, motion graphics, image films, spatial design, and merchandise.


Hakka Affairs Council, Taiwan




Creative Director

Keng-Ming Liu

Visual Director

Keng-Ming Liu

Art Director

Wea-Hao Shao

Typefaces in Use

Uniform Black
Source Han Sans
Romantic Route 3: Ad

Bito aims to craft a visual identity for Romantic Route 3 that distinguishes it from other art festivals. To achieve this, Bito employs an approach centred on character design, transforming the event's imagery into a collection of 3D objects that exude playfulness and liveliness. Central to Bito's approach is the overarching visual concept of a "road trip," developed into a comprehensive system encompassing illustrations, motion graphics, patterns, colour schemes, films, and various applications.

Romantic Route 3: Motion posters

“By infusing traditional Hakka culture with a fresh perspective, we aim to inspire individuals to embark on a road trip of exploration and experience.”

Romantic Route 3: Poster

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