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23 August 2023

Project Send is a climbing gym located in Singapore emphasising community building among climbers.

Singapore-based design consultancy Foreign Policy Design crafted a brand identity that visually and verbally represents the gym's philosophy, showcasing their dedication to pushing boundaries, fostering creativity, and encouraging climbers to embrace their journey with a sense of playfulness.


Project Send



Foreign Policy Design

Creative Director

Yah-Leng Yu

Art Director

Sylvester Tan

Lead Designer

Sylvester Tan


The design and concept of Project Send's brand identity embody the gym's fundamental principles and its particular approach of fostering a community of climbers. Every element, from the logo to the copy, is meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of the gym.

Project Send: Posters
Project Send: Stickers
Project Send: T-shirt
Project Send: Card
Project Send: Tag

At the heart of the brand identity is the dynamic logotype, that serves as a visual centrepiece. It captures the fluidity and energy of climbing, and represents the thrill and challenge that await within Project Send's walls.

Project Send: Logo
Identity System

The flexible identity system reflects the multiple iterations and diverse directions encountered during climbing, symbolising climbers' exploration of different paths and their determination to push boundaries and reach new heights. It serves as a visual reminder that success is not linear, but an ever-evolving journey of discovery.

Project Send: Signage
Project Send: Stickers
Project Send: Signage
Project Send: Cafe menu
Project Send: Cafe collaterals

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