Petit Planet: Window display

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5 April 2023

Petit Planet is the kids’ division of The Hyundai, one of the largest shopping centres in Seoul.

Seoul-based graphic design studio studio fnt was responsible for developing its brand identity, which encompasses both lingual and visual aspects including the brand name and individual graphics.


The Hyundai



studio fnt

Creative Director

Heesun Kim

Art Director

Jaemin Lee

Woogyung Geel

Typefaces in Use


Petit Planet was created to provide an experiential space for children and families at the shopping centre. The brand name, Petit Planet, was chosen to embody the idea of each child as a mini-universe full of infinite possibilities.

Petit Planet: Brand video
Petit Planet: Studio Petit logo

The logo design features bold letters with a small inner space between them, creating a contrast that is emphasised throughout the brand's visual identity. The contrast is meant to encourage people to reflect on their perception of size and its relative nature, symbolising the many possibilities available.

Petit Planet: Brand graphics
Petit Planet: Visual merchandising
Graphic System

The graphic system is based on a ‘Universal Grid’ which expands freely to represent vertical, horizontal, circular, and planetary orbits. This system visualises the infinite possibilities of children, and their potential for growth and exploration.

Petit Planet: Universal grid

“The greatest joy we have gained from this project is that we have achieved a result that is not obvious. It was also meaningful for all of us to produce another successful outcome that was completely different from our previous work for the same client.”

Jaemin Lee

Art Director, studio fnt

Petit Planet: Brand graphics
Petit Planet: Hanging signage
Petit Planet: Character design
Colours & Illustrations

Deviating from the conventional approach of using friendly and cute shapes and soft colours typically used for children's projects, studio fnt questioned the idea of defining children's tastes from an adult's perspective and explored uncharted territory with the use of a mysterious black colour and thick, heavy shapes. Unlike the typical designs, the illustrations for Petit Planet feature strange alien creations and familiar forms in unexpected contexts against the backdrop of space.

Petit Planet: Iron-on patch

studio fnt

studio fnt is a Seoul-based graphic design studio founded in 2006. The studio's three partners, Heesun Kim, Jaemin Lee, and Woogyung Geel, collaborate with a number of designers on various projects. Their capabilities include branding for corporate business, graphic design for exhibitions and cultural arts events, and other projects in various fields, sizes, and media. The studio specialises in collecting fragmented and straying thoughts, transforming them into relevant forms.

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