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8 June 2023

.Oddity Fragrance is a contemporary niche perfume house that combines storytelling, visual arts, and olfactory arts. With a unique interplay of visible and invisible arts, .Oddity perfumes inspire and evoke emotions and associations, igniting the right energy to act and create.

Hong Kong-based design studio .Oddity Studio founded the perfume house that shares the same name, collaborating with renowned perfumers Mark Buxton and David Chieze for the olfactory development of the fragrances. The studio also worked on the conceptualisation, storytelling, packaging design, and photography of .Oddity Fragrance.





.Oddity Studio

Creative Director

Alice Mourou


Alice Mourou

Project Manager

Kirill Runkov

Typefaces in Use

.Oddity Fragrance: Dead Air bottle

.Oddity Fragrance has a line of 3 distinct fragrances, each with its own story told through smell, sight, and touch. Customers are taken on a multi-sensory journey, from the intimate warmth of the sensual ‘Naked Dance’, and the earthy artistry of ‘Dead Air’, to the citrusy musk in ‘Resonant’.

Each fragrance is a complex olfactory composition, characterised by its whimsical, eccentric, and sometimes dramatic nature, expressing the physical and emotional worlds we inhabit. These fragrances possess a sense of nebulousness as they are never perceived the same way by different noses. .Oddity Fragrance produces its perfumes in small batches – limited to a few hundred bottles at once – using rare and rich ingredients that are blended in Grasse, France.

.Oddity Fragrance: Naked Dance product video
.Oddity Fragrance: Naked Dance bottle and packaging
Oddity Fragrance: Naked Dance bottle and label
.Oddity Fragrance: Naked Dance box

“.Oddity is a brand of artistry. From the base olfactory layer to packaging design and storytelling, it is meant to inspire through the beauty of its expressions, craftsmanship, and creative energy that bind the layers together.”

Kirill Runkov

Co-Founder, .Oddity Fragrance

.Oddity Fragrance: Poster
.Oddity Fragrance: Resonant mood image
Design Language

The design language of .Oddity Fragrance is centred around the beauty of imperfections, with raw corners, untouched nature, exposed structures, and technical details from behind the scenes. It embraces messiness, purity, and artistic expression in its approach, creating a juxtaposition of natural and technical elements that drive attention with palpable tension.

.Oddity Fragrance: Dead Air product photo

“We come from a visual arts background, so when we wanted to create our own product, we knew it would be an interplay of visible and invisible arts – as the intersection of disciplines is our creative playground. This is how .Oddity Fragrance started.”

Alice Mourou

Co-Founder & Creative Director, .Oddity Fragrance

.Oddity Fragrance: Naked Dance cap close-up

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