MOMOKAWA: Shopfront

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30 October 2023

MOMOKAWA is a modern coffee bar situated in an old redevelopment community in Macau, embracing the principles of minimalism, wabi-sabi, and human craftsmanship. The founder drew inspiration from Stoicism, aiming to respond to the changes in the community with a serene and focused approach. 

Macau-based design studio Loksophy worked on the brand strategy and system, ensuring each brand touchpoint exuded a sense of restraint and effectively conveys the founder's vision.





Loksophy Design Ltd.

Creative Director

Lok Hong

Graphic Designer

Lok Hong

Rongrong Chao

Typefaces in Use

TradeGothic LT Extended
MOMOKAWA: Takeaway cup
MOMOKAWA: Shopfront

In Japanese, "MOMOKAWA" translates to "river flow," symbolising coffee's impermanence akin to water's nature. A singular hand-drawn line is employed throughout the entire brand system, a unique element that cannot be replicated alongside a minimalist grid system.

MOMOKAWA: Overview
MOMOKAWA: Can packaging
MOMOKAWA: Takeaway cup
MOMOKAWA: Coffee beans packaging

Loksophy's brand strategy sought to create a refined and luxurious tasting experience for coffee enthusiasts. In Macao, cafes contend with limitations stemming from the population size and market purchasing power. The most effective approach to enhance their competitiveness is improving product quality and building a distinctive brand image that sets them apart from competitors in the long run. Regarding product quality, MOMOKAWA benefits from the advantages of professional baristas, high-quality beans, and the founder's extensive catering experience. Therefore, in shaping the brand strategy, the studio opted not to pursue an excessive design style or youthful personality. Instead, they focused on establishing a premium brand identity through a restrained, meticulous, dedicated brand experience.

MOMOKAWA: Logo construction
MOMOKAWA: Logo details
MOMOKAWA: Logo clearspace

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