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18 September 2023

Modern Life is a technology-enabled life insurance brokerage revolutionising the traditional insurance service approach. The company strongly emphasises human relationships and customer-centric experiences, offering a fresh perspective on the insurance industry.

New York-based design and technology studio XXIX partnered with Modern Life to launch their brand. They developed the brand strategy and identity, created original content, designed, and built the marketing website, and crafted the digital product for its launch.


Modern Life





Flick Eriksson

Maria Sieradzki

Kate Doyle

Modern Life: Graphics

In the realm of insurance, particularly life insurance, technological innovation has fallen behind other industries, with design often being overlooked due to the sector’s perceived lack of buzz. XXIX’s commitment to universal good design drives their work, seeking opportunities to integrate design for smoother, more enjoyable experiences in daily life. Recognising that many insurance interactions still take place face-to-face, they saw a chance to redefine technology’s role, shifting it from a disruptor to an enabler.

Life insurance, a product purchased once in a lifetime, demands effective communication of a brand’s long-term commitment and reputation. Established insurers have achieved this through symbols of reliability. XXIX’s goal was to convey that Modern Life presents a newer and bolder approach to the industry, instilling confidence while balancing familiarity with innovation.

Modern Life: Brandmark
Modern Life: Video

Life insurance advisors are crucial in simplifying the consequential yet convoluted process of acquiring essential life insurance coverage. Notably, 90% of life insurance policies are obtained through the guidance of these advisors.

Working with the Modern Life team, XXIX focused on a central theme emphasising the potential of beauty and sound design to humanise complex or inefficient processes. To support this relationship-driven experience, the studio positioned Modern Life as a brand centred around people, capable of adapting to the needs and priorities of advisors and their clients.

Modern Life: Website
Modern Life: Tote bag

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