Macao Design Week 2022: Environmental branding

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22 September 2023

Macao Design Week, now in its eighth consecutive year, is an annual event celebrating and promoting design vitality in Macau. The event collaborates with local designers, associations, commercial organisations, and universities to explore various facets of creative design.

Macau-based design company Loksophy was commissioned to create the visual identity and brand collateral for the 8th edition of the event.


Macau Designers Association



Loksophy Design Ltd.

Creative Director

Lok Hong

Graphic Designer

Rongrong Chao


Bob Wong

Macao Design Week 2022: Environmental branding
Macao Design Week 2022: Exhibition

In the eighth edition, Macao Design Week is focused on spotlighting local designers while promoting design businesses. Under the theme "Macao Special Edition," the event is a collaborative effort involving associations, commercial entities, and universities, focusing on exploring contemporary creative design. This edition centres around three key themes: the redefinition of culture, the diversity of creativity, and the development of new businesses. Through exhibitions, tours, workshops, talks, and interviews, it engages the public in discussions about design's role in fostering sustainable development in society, the economy, and humanity.

Macao Design Week 2022: Collaterals

Exploring Macao's dynamic design landscape, the theme "REDEFINITION - The Vitality of Macau Design" takes shape through a series of life forms, each adorned with diverse and ever-evolving textures. These visuals and imagery collectively convey the vitality of contemporary Macau design.

Macao Design Week 2022: Elements

As Loksophy prepared for the 2022 edition of Macao Design Week, they drew inspiration from Macau's vibrant design scene, which they likened to an uncharted ocean teeming with captivating life forms. This perspective led them to adopt 3D design techniques to evoke a sense of exploration and surprise.

The strategic integration of 3D elements into their visual design yielded numerous advantages; it heightened the visual impact, infusing the design with depth and dynamism. This three-dimensional quality captured the audience's attention and deepened their understanding of the design theme. Furthermore, including 3D elements expanded the design's versatility, opening to dynamic adaptations and more.

Macao Design Week 2022: Posters

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