Macao Design Week 2021: Overview

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31 January 2023

Macao Design Week is an exhibition hosted by the Macau Designers Association that showcases the work of local designers and design companies. The exhibition aims to provide a platform for presentation and collaboration opportunities for local designers and companies.

In 2021, Macau-based design studio Indego Design was responsible for creating the visual identity and brand collateral for the 7th edition of the exhibition.


Macau Designers Association



Indego Design

Art Director

Leong Kun Lam

Animation Designer

Ben Cheong

Puzzle Lai

Typefaces in Use


For the 2021 edition of Design Week, more than 10 local brands designed by local designers were selected for the exhibition. In addition to showcasing the brand design work, visitors and designers were invited to visit the actual stores of these original brands in Macau.

This allowed visitors to experience Macao design from multiple perspectives and learn about the brand culture and stories of these business brands through visual language, aiming to bring more possibilities for the future development of Macao design.

Macao Design Week 2021: Exhibition gate
Macao Design Week 2021: Exhibition banners

“The main visual for Macau Design Week 2021 was inspired by the city's ‘night’ and ‘light’. The design reflects the city's history as a small fishing village with a single source of light – the lighthouse on Colina da Guia – as well as its current state as a hub of tourism and gambling illuminated by neon lights.”

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