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25 September 2023

LAS Art Foundation is a nomadic Berlin-based art organisation collaborating with artists to create immersive, large-scale online and offline art experiences. Their mission is to empower artists, explore the future, and foster positive outcomes through art that blurs the boundaries of science and technology.

Berlin-based creative agency MoreSleep collaborated with the LAS Art Foundation to redefine its online presence, capturing its spirit of optimism, equality, and constant motion in a visually compelling brand identity and an interactive website.


LAS Art Foundation





Tim Howard

Cecilia Martin

Lead Designer

Thomas Provost


MoreSleep conducted an in-depth exercise to gain profound insights into LAS's brand, vision, and aspirations, allowing the agency to shape a comprehensive brand strategy. Through collaborative discussions, MoreSleep reimagined LAS's brand architecture and rebranded its name from "Light Art Space" to "LAS Art Foundation," to better reflect its mission and purpose.

LAS Art Foundation: Website
LAS Art Foundation: Website
LAS Art Foundation: Outdoor banner
Visual Identity

MoreSleep developed a dynamic visual identity that encapsulates LAS into a bold, flexible, and accessible foundation that captures the essence of an ever-changing future while firmly placing the artists' work at the core.

LAS Art Foundation: Digital signage
LAS Art Foundation: Website
LAS Art Foundation: Outdoor banner
LAS Art Foundation: Social assets

The agency reimagined its website, crafting an interactive platform inviting audiences to explore its initiatives, exhibitions, and thought-provoking concepts. Reflecting LAS's role as a forward-thinking organisation, the website adopts a clear and adaptive design system.

LAS Art Foundation: Website
LAS Art Foundation: Website
LAS Art Foundation: Website
LAS Art Foundation: Website
Brand Applications

MoreSleep extended the visual identity to various brand applications to ensure consistency across various touchpoints. Furthermore, the agency developed visual campaigns for LAS's online and in-person exhibitions, solidifying their presence in the art world.

LAS Art Foundation: Applications
LAS Art Foundation: Bag
LAS Art Foundation: Spread


MoreSleep is a creative agency based in Berlin and Los Angeles that generates value for a networked culture. As diverse as their creative process may be, everything they do is about long-term thinking, more fun, and MoreSleep.

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