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21 October 2023

Good Pair Days is a monthly digital-first, direct-to-consumer wine service curated by co-founder and three-time Australian Sommelier of the Year Banjo Harris Plane.

Sydney-based design studio Universal Favourite led a rebranding effort for Good Pair Days, aiming to demystify the world of wine and create a more inclusive and relatable experience.


Good Pair Days



Universal Favourite

Executive Creative Director

Dari Israelstam


Meghan Armstrong

Bonnie Nguyen

Typefaces in Use

Concept by FontSite Inc.
FF Bau by FontFont
Interstate by Tobias Frere-Jones
Good Pair Days: Logo
Good Pair Days: Photography

Good Pair Days excels in personalised product discovery through expert curation and innovative tech-driven personalisation. Often overlooked, their unique selling point positions them as the most advanced wine retailer on the market. Previously known as The Wine Gallery, their existing name didn't align with their vibrant and inclusive brand identity, coming across as overly literal and generic, lacking the distinctive touch to stand out in a traditionally reserved and elitist wine market. 

In collaboration with copywriter Cat Wall, Universal Favourite rebranded to find a name that would evoke surprise, excitement, and inclusivity. Their mission was to make wine accessible to all, captured by the name "Good Pair Days," which embodies their commitment to a more approachable and enjoyable wine experience.

Good Pair Days: Logo
Good Pair Days: Messaging
Good Pair Days: Messaging
Identity System

Focusing on capturing the essence of Good Pair Days, Universal Favourite developed a comprehensive identity system encompassing a logomark, an illustration system, complementary icons, an ownable colour palette, bold typefaces, and a distinct tone of voice to elevate the brand's presence across multiple touchpoints, including campaigns, the website, the app, packaging, and member merchandise.

The challenge was to ensure that the visual identity effectively conveyed the brand's digital nature while retaining the human touch that characterised their exceptional customer service and product experience. In response, Universal Favourite introduced a cast of illustrated characters, diverse and energetic, designed to guide customers through both online and offline interactions.

Good Pair Days: App
Good Pair Days: Illustration
Good Pair Days: Gift cards
Good Pair Days: Packaging
Good Pair Days: Tasting notes
Good Pair Days: Illustration

Aligning with the brand ethos, Universal Favourite infused the unboxing experience with unexpected delight. Every aspect of the packaging is adorned with quirky and bold brand messaging, whether a single-bottle box or a 12-bottle case. The studio's redesign extended to tasting note cards, welcome booklets, and tote bags, all aimed at enhancing the discovery and educational experience for the audience. Good Pair Days used the rebranding opportunity to embrace sustainability, leading Universal Favourite to craft packaging with built-in handles and biodegradable moulded pulp inserts, making the product packaging 100% recyclable.

Good Pair Days: Packaging and stickers

“The client also used the rebrand as an opportunity to go greener, asking us to find innovative ways to remove single-use plastic. By designing a built-in handle and an insert made from biodegradable moulded pulp, we were able to make the product packaging 100% recyclable. After all… no planet, no pinot.”

Universal Favourite

Good Pair Days: Tote bag
Good Pair Days: Wine information

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