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14 April 2023

Flaus is a startup with an ambitious goal of revolutionising oral healthcare and beauty through the creation of one of the world's first planet-friendly electronic flossers. The brand has gained immense popularity since its inception, rising to the top 1% of all Indiegogo campaigns.

Sydney-based design studio Universal Favourite brought the brand to life by working on the branding and creating a bold and distinctive personality that extends from the packaging to the website design.





Universal Favourite

Executive Creative Director

Dari Israelstam

Creative Director

Ali Ozden

Senior Designer

Lucy McGinley


Universal Favourite birthed the concept of Planet Flaus as a launchpad for their work on the branding of Flaus. This retro-futuristic world is driven by ingenious, human-centred design that aims to improve oral healthcare while also doing good for the earth. The brand, which is unafraid to disrupt the industry, reflects Flaus' ambition to redefine the outdated ritual of flossing.

Flaus aimed to develop a brand that brought flossing into the 21st century while avoiding the superficiality of the many millennial brands emerging in the oral healthcare and beauty market. One of the brand's key objectives was to prioritise its environmental values without resorting to overused ‘eco’ tropes or blending in with other brands that make similar meaningless claims.

Flaus: Packaging
Flaus: Packaging
Flaus: Brand guide

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