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26 August 2023

Featured Projects is a design project based on the concept of ‘good manufacturing opens up tomorrow.' Starting with an inaugural design festival in 2023, the project engages in activities that cultivate the culture of design and open up possibilities based on three themes: community, production, and communication.

Tokyo-based design consulting firm Sitoh inc. created Featured Projects logo and identity design.


Featured Projects



Sitoh inc.

Art Director

Motoi Shito


Motoi Shito

Motion Designer

Takuma Miyamoto

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Featured Projects is dedicated to exploring design possibilities rooted in community, production, and communication. Apart from the April 2023 design festival, Featured Projects plans to expand its activities by engaging in collaborative ventures with creators, community management, and creator support. By fostering partnerships and production with emerging talents across diverse design and creative domains, the project seeks to create a movement that opens up the design possibilities.

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The logo of Featured Projects, crafted by Sitoh inc., is based on three design themes: 'discover new talent,' 'collaborate with talent,' and 'pioneer design potentials.' The logomark is a star symbol representing the concept of new talent, while the wordmark is created by connecting the two 't's from the letters of "Featured Projects," symbolising the idea of 'collaborating with talent.'

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Identity Design

The identity features a versatile "star" icon that can transform both horizontally and vertically, providing flexibility and scalability to adapt to diverse media and sizes, both offline and online. This comprehensive identity functions as a platform encompassing creative elements, including logos, graphics, and photography. The secondary identity consists of various logo elements combined to form a wordmark, symbolising a vision of the future: a world where talent is explored, collaboration is encouraged, and endless possibilities are embraced.

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Featured Projects: Stationery

Sitoh inc.

Sitoh inc. is a Tokyo-based design consulting firm with a core focus on communication design. Dedicated to identifying and maximising their clients’ philosophy and principles, the firm aims to creatively build up a corporate stance that embodies its unique worldview.

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