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22 April 2023

Taking pride as the oldest B2B agency in the US, Omnicom-owned Doremus+Co has a century-long tradition of taking a non-conventional approach to B2B advertising.

San Francisco-based design studio Play created a visual identity system that honours its enduring legacy while contemporising it with a fittingly unexpected sense of playfulness.






Executive Creative Director

Casey Martin

Design Director

Nate Baltikas

Senior Designer

Ellis Latham Brown

Typefaces in Use

Doremus: Stickers
Doremus: Business card

Play developed a geometric type system, which comprises a series of modular and dynamic motifs. Paired with a carefully chosen colour palette, this type system adds a high level of variability, allowing the typography to serve as a playful reminder of the strategic impact that Doremus can have on its clients. 

To curate the colour palette, the studio focused on searching for tones that were warm, approachable, and vibrant. As Doremus serves a diverse range of clients in various verticals, it was essential to select a set of colours that could work harmoniously together, while also standing strong individually to create a visual contrast that would allow the agency's work to shine.

The new type system is implemented across the redesigned website, business cards and other collateral, conveying the message that Doremus is not your everyday B2B agency.

Doremus: Book
Doremus: Book close-up

“We came up with the geometric type system to serve as a series of modular and dynamic motifs. Combined with the colour palette, we’ve woven in a high level of variability that allows the type to live as a playful reminder of all the ways that Doremus can strategically impact their clientele.”

Casey Martin

Founder / Executive Creative Director, Play

Doremus: Alphabet animation
Doremus: Poster animation
Doremus: Logotype lockups

“We landed on the chosen colour palette after searching for a set of tones that were warm, approachable, and vibrant. With clients in many different verticals, we knew we needed a group of colours that could work together and be strong enough to work alone to provide a nice visual contrast to let the agency’s work shine.”

Mauro Bonillo

Senior Designer, Play

Doremus: Business card


Play is founded on the belief that original, impactful work is best made using processes that do not feel like work. Based in San Francisco, they partner with visionary teams to build brands, campaigns and experiences using their combined capabilities in art direction, brand strategy, experiential design, illustration, and more.

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