Cy Biopharma: Packaging

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6 October 2023

Cy Biopharma is a biotech platform that addresses the alarming rise in opioid overdose deaths in the United States, which has seen a staggering 600% increase since 1999, with 68,630 deaths in 2020 alone. Their approach involves harnessing the potential of psychedelics to develop innovative pharmacological therapies for chronic pain management.

San Francisco-based design studio Play crafted the visual identity system and website design for Cy Biopharma, which strikes a balance between the mystical and scientific aspects of the brand.


Cy Biopharma




Executive Creative Director

Casey Martin

Creative Director

Kyle Beck

Mathew Foster

Typefaces in Use

Univers by Linotype
Cy Biopharma: Packaging
Cy Biopharma: Packaging
Cy Biopharma: Packaging
Cy Biopharma: Packaging
Visual Identity

Cy Biopharma is a pioneering developer of groundbreaking drug therapies for chronic pain, focusing on the generation of novel psilocybin and other psychedelic-derived molecules. Play crafted an identity system that features vivid, nebulous shapes with neon accents juxtaposed against Swiss design grids and sharp typography.

Cy Biopharma: Packaging
Cy Biopharma: Logotype
Cy Biopharma: Icon

The brand's vibrant colour palette, inspired by the diverse hues of the natural world and enhanced for impact, utilises gradients that convey a sense of fluidity, transformation, and healing.

Cy Biopharma: Gradient
Cy Biopharma: Packaging
Cy Biopharma: Posters
Cy Biopharma: Pills
Website Design

The website design mirrors the scientific and transcendental essence of Cy, with swirling gradients inviting visitors to scroll and explore. The generous use of space fosters a sense of freedom and openness, while clean and well-considered typography reinforces Cy's commitment to therapeutic innovation.

Cy Biopharma: Website
Cy Biopharma: Website

The Univers typeface, with its simple yet utilitarian nature, serves as a strong structural choice, adaptable across various applications, from packaging to data to the website itself amidst the bright, ethereal quality of the other design elements.

Cy Biopharma: Packaging
Cy Biopharma: Typography


Play is founded on the belief that original, impactful work is best made using processes that do not feel like work. Based in San Francisco, they partner with visionary teams to build brands, campaigns and experiences using their combined capabilities in art direction, brand strategy, experiential design, illustration, and more.

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