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31 January 2023

BOO is Vietnam's premier streetwear brand. Proudly Vietnamese, BOO was started in Hanoi in 2003 by a group of close friends who met as part of the emerging skateboarding scene. Since their inception, BOO has grown into a strong player in the Vietnamese fashion scene with nearly 50 brick and mortar locations throughout the country.

Ho Chi Minh City-based creative studio rice created a comprehensive identity system designed to focus and streamline the brand.






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Senior Designer

Công Huỳnh

3D Designer

Tùng Đinh

Typefaces in Use

BOO: Logo animation

Brand assets were reduced, reorganised and clarified. rice introduced systems for design and communication aimed to help BOO stay relevant for a new generation of Vietnamese streetwear lovers.​​​​​​​

BOO: Posters
BOO: Labels and tags

rice commissioned Prague-based type foundry Displaay to create an exclusive Vietnamese cut of their Roobert Regular typeface with custom discretionary ligatures. The BOO wordmark is type-able and can be displayed within any line of text. Branded stamps were designed with each shape mimicking an encapsulated stamp of approval.

BOO: Vietnamese cut of Roobert Regular by Displaay
BOO: Custom discretionary ligatures of Roobert Regular by Displaay
BOO: Branded stamps
BOO: Branded stamps
BOO: Website
BOO: Poster templates
BOO: Instagram

rice also created a sub-brand for BOO called BOO LAAB — a place for BOO to experiment with new approaches to product making and push themselves into unexpected territories. BOO LAAB products can be found at BOO stores as well as their own standalone retail outlets. The BOO LAAB wordmark was constructed using a special AA ligature, mirroring the OO in BOO. Comprehensive guidelines were created for all things BOO.

BOO: BOO LAAB ribbon
BOO: BOO LAAB paper bag

Công Huỳnh

Senior Designer, rice

BOO: Brand book

BOO was a unique client in that they didn’t really need a rebrand. They were already local favourites, had plans on expanding, and were in all senses of the word: thriving.

Through many conversations with the in-house team, rice quickly realised that BOO was going through more of a shift and needed better tools to organise their expansion. The studio’s job was really to not fundamentally re-design everything, but rather to fill in blanks and reflect back a set of guiding principles in which the in-house team can build off of. They focused on setting up a system that was closer aligned to how they see the world of fashion in Vietnam – crafty, idiosyncratic, and full of quirks.

Moving away from the notion that fashion is fantastically, unrelatable or constructed, BOO makes it clear that fashion has always been made on the streets. For rice, the project was an exercise of restraint and system building while finding proper channels for authentic expressions.

BOO: Brand book


Founded in 2011, rice is an award-winning creative studio based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With an ethos that embraces the belief that anything is possible, the studio helps to propel brands, places and people into opportunities for future growth and success through purposeful design.

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