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17 July 2023

Founded in 2021, beU is a Shanghai-based company specialising in the sale of vibrators, with a strong focus on women's self-pleasure. Guided by the principles of seeking breakthroughs and liberation, beU is dedicated to creating a diverse range of female sexual products centred around the concept of self-pleasure.

Beijing and Shanghai-based design studio Studio NA.EO created the identity and packaging design for beU. Driven by their research on the perpetuation of stereotypes and excessive designs in adult toys, their efforts led to the development of free, modern, and personalised options that empower women to authentically explore and indulge in sexual pleasure.





Studio NA.EO

Art Director


Zhang Qi


Chen Chaohao


beU develops and manufactures products designed for the female demographic. With its ergonomic design, virtual touch, antibacterial features and other related technologies, the company's product offerings include vibrators and other adult toys, providing users with a hygienic, quiet, and high-quality experience.

beU: Packaging and collaterals
beU: Packaging

“We conducted design research during the initial stages of the project and discovered a prevalent trend among adult toys where stereotypical female imagery and excessive designs tend to be perpetuated. We firmly believe in advocating for the rights of individuals to pursue their own pleasure without any constraints.”

beU: Product

The logo of beU captures the essence of ‘attraction’ with its three letters of the brand name pulling towards each other, creating a visual representation of a ‘magnetic attraction’. This concept of attraction not only serves as an emotional expression that beU wants to convey, but also reflects a defining characteristic of their products. The smooth curves of the logo characters, complemented by the straight serifs, showcase the brand's understanding of the inherent blend of softness and strength found in women.

beU: Logo

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