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27 October 2023

Bakes is a French patisserie based in Ho Chi Minh City, founded in 2015 by Laure Chevallier, a French hospitality entrepreneur, and Tuan Le, a Vietnamese American creative director. They recently opened a flagship store in Thao Dien, taking advantage of the area's increasing local population and status as a popular weekend destination. This flagship store houses a patisserie, bakery, dessert bar, and central labo all in one location.

Ho Chi Minh City-based design and creative lab The Lab crafted a design system that balances every day and special occasions, with the design system extending from branding to interior architecture.


Bakes Saigon



The Lab Saigon

Creative Director

Tuan Le

Graphic Designer

Nghi Tran

Jun Kohmura

Typefaces in Use

Bakes San by The Lab Saigon
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Packaging Design

The Lab maintained a simple and approachable approach to the packaging of everyday baked goods, employing kraft material with a touch of personality introduced through vibrant colours, illustrations, and copy to keep things exciting, prioritising personality and context over rigid uniformity. Additionally, The Lab implemented a customisable stamping system for product cards, ensuring adaptability as Bakes continues to test and develop new products. Taking inspiration from Bakes' diverse range of products and ingredients, The Lab crafted a novel illustration system for packaging used for special occasions, with each bag and box designed to be gift-worthy.

Bakes: Packaging
Bakes: Packaging
Bakes: A-Stand

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