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4 January 2024

To bridge the gap between aspiring high-school artists and the art industry, The Artstart Foundation nurtures talent and imparts invaluable first-hand experience. At the heart of this initiative lies Artstart, an annual event platform carefully curated to provide a professional showcase for a hand-picked selection of 100 aspiring artists.

Christchurch-based design studio McCarthy rebranded and redesigned The Artstart Foundation and Artstars, crafting the vision “Opening Doors for Young Artists” and a refreshed, cohesive identity, connecting aspiring artists with the broader art industry.


The Artstart Foundation




Creative Director

Matt Kitto

Richard Burson

Design Director

Josiah Rees


Formerly known as ‘The Creators’ Room’, McCarthy recognised the need to align the name with its flagship event, Artstars, to create a seamless connection moving forward. As a result, The Artstart Foundation and Artstart were born, ensuring clarity and a direct link. The design studio developed the vision, “Opening Doors for Young Artists,” encapsulating the very essence of their mission. This vision serves as a simple and focused ethos, providing a robust platform for launching the new identity.

Artstart: Facade
Artstart: Posters
Artstart: Exhibition
Artstart: Exhibition

McCarthy developed a youthful and approachable tone of voice to engage with the teenage audience without alienating donors, supporters, and partners. Their concept revolves around 100 coloured pixels, each symbolising a talented young artist supported by the Foundation. These pixels dynamically expand to spotlight the artist's work, putting their creativity at the forefront.

Artstart: Pixels
Artstart: Exhibition catalogue

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