Allies Coffee: Coffee bean packaging

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13 April 2024

Allies is a small-batch coffee roaster championing fairness, freshness, quality, and equality. Its founder, Hans, deeply cares about the environment, the local community, and the well-being of his coffee growers.

Auckland-based brand and design agency Seachange undertook a complete overhaul of the brand, crafting a new brand identity and packaging design that aligns with Allies' ethos, values, and commitment to high-quality coffee.


Allies Coffee




Creative Director

Amanda Gaskin

Tim Donaldson


Henry Tuck


Formerly known as 'Merito Coffee,' Seachange renamed it Allies—a powerful name symbolising community and partnership. It aligns with Hans's commitment to supporting his suppliers and serves as a rallying call for customers, cafes, and suppliers to unite over their love of coffee.

Allies Coffee: Coffee bean packaging
Allies Coffee: Photography

Seachange's inspiration for creating a legacy brand for Allies drew from the rich history of coffee. Delving into its roots in ancient Egypt and Ethiopia, the agency discovered coffee's ability to bring people together, spark conversations, forge friendships, and create lasting memories. This led to the creation of the Allies symbol, visually representing 'United by Coffee.' Drawing from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and early coffee ceremonies, the symbol embodies sharing, farming, and worship themes. The quality-seal-like mark adds an artisanal touch to the brand as a badge of honour reminiscent of club or party patches.

Allies Coffee: Symbol

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