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12 April 2023

With over 15 years of experience, Aino is a Gothenburg-based digital agency that believes the interplay of design, technology, and digital experience can provide brands with a more human voice, with a focus on treating code as an art form.

Aino recently evolved from a small team with a technology-oriented approach, to a comprehensive design and technology agency. When constructing their new website to represent this change, Aino avoided conventional storytelling methods and instead sought to share their story in an creative and distinctive manner.






Website Developer

David Hellsing

Creative Director

Johan Thorstensson


Johan Thorstensson

Typefaces in Use

Aino: Landing

To bring their vision to life, Aino incorporated their liking for one-sized monospace typography and their roots in 80s machine coding and lo-fi physics maths to create the website. They utilised these concepts to develop a grid of characters, which enabled them to display a range of elements such as animations, text columns, 3D, and simple games. The agency created various versions of the site, including a text-mode that showed every image and video frame in the same ASCII grid, and a rainbow-coloured version that exuded a cheerful vintage ambiance.

When designing their website, Aino steered clear against the current trend of smooth scroll-reveal animations, slow-loading transitions, and gradients. Instead, they opted for sharpened pixelated image loaders, staggering marquees, and fast page transitions to maintain a lo-fi and succinct experience.

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Aino is an independent design and technology agency based in Gothenburg, Sweden that explores the creative playground of code, design, and branding for ambitious clients in Scandinavia and the world.

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